Monday, January 31, 2011

please visit Americans against racist

Read what you see there and if you agree then please support it as I do. you can go there by simply clicking on the title of this post.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

25 stone diamond tennis bracelet for sale

s type tennis bracelet with 25 diamonds. I paid 4500 when gold was 300 an oz 12 years ago . cash or bank wire only no checks no paypal. contact me

see video at utube browse for tbaarr1

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

classic 1956 desoto firedome for sale

click on the title to go to the utube video of this car

this is my 1956 desoto firedome wagon ..she came from california and has no snow and ice issues.. she currently lives in my building in Minnesota

asking 9k or best offer

leave me a comment or send me an email at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

make 10% or more in the stock market

its easy to make 10% or more in the market yearly. the secret is short term buying and selling of the same stock by following its trend against the dow. and being willing to accept 2% or 3% profit per trade

example swhc has gone from 3.90 to 4.50 2 times since dec 09 and from 3.90 to 4.15 5 times

if you had bough 500 shares and took both 50 cent profits as well as took the 25 cent profit a couple times

you would have made 125 2 times and 250 2 times

thats 750 return on a 2k seed investment or around 40% and if you were smart enough to sell last week before swhc dropped from 4.70 you could now buy it again for 4 bucks a share and repeat this trend

look at mo and usb and see the same trend or contact me at and let me help you make money for a fee of 15% of your net return or a flat fee monthly

My fee will never exceed 15% of your net return

my name is chuck weber

use my post as a guideline for free or contact me..ITS your choice. Have a great day

well swhc hit 3.79 10 days ago and i got in at 3.82 got out yesterday at 4.10 for a 100 net profit on less than 2k invested or 4% and she already has pulled back..I lookforward to buying another 500 shares at 3.90 in the next 5-10 days.. today is april 7

Monday, February 8, 2010

manta mirage kit car

I have a 80% complete manta kit see the pic on this blog for what the complete car looks like. I have the original frame, both body pieces, the side pieces, the windshield and sidewindows are installed.

I have the support bars for the front end the doors the scoop ,the drivers hatch and the seat bucket This was an 8500 buck kit in 1980 . The pasenger hatch can be fabbed by an aircraft windshield maker out of lexan.

you can contact me at ...Put ref manta mirage in subject line asking 6k obo

LARRY HAGMAN 1995 Harley davidson FLHTC/ ..yup J R Ewing

Yup I am Tbaarr and in 1998 I bought larry hagmans harley davidson. Yup we are talking about Tony from I dream of Jennie or J.R. Ewing

What we have here is Larry Hagman's 1995 flhtc. Yes we are talking about Tony from I Dream Of Jennie or J R Ewing of Dallas. I bought her in late 1998 from Glendale Harley Davidson. This bike was being represented for Mr Hagman by the owner Oliver Shokouh. She had 2200 miles on her when I bought her.She has 8710 now. Its my belief that this bike was also ridden by Larry Hagman during a few episodes,on his short lived 1998 series called Orleans. Its a 80 cu inch 1340 cc evolution that I was told had a screaming eagle kit installed. I brought the bike to minnesota in 2001 and it has been stored in a temperature controlled garage every winter. I am selling the bike to help start funds for my 2 girls college education. I am an over the road trucker so If you ask a question it may take a day to get an answer. Yes the windshield is removed.

If you might like this ride contact me at put ref 1995 harley in subject line asking 23000 obo

1973 mustang grande edition

This is my 1973 mustang I brought to Minnesota from California. Its a 302 auto with no rust. she is stored in my shed. She is 95% restored .her only Issues her headliner needs replaced and her seats need seat covers or recover

contact me thru put REF 1973 mustang in subject line

investarms 50 cal black powder rifle

investarms  50 cal black powder rifle

hawkins rifle

hawkins rifle